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FSMK with daily-wage & migrant workers

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Call for Donations to provide relief materials to ailing daily-wage and migrant workers in Bengaluru

The present lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a situation of unprecendented struggle and misery for the masses of the nation. In a country where ~90% of the workforce are in informal sector, the lockdown has resulted in complete loss of livelihood for many. Millions of daily-wage woekers and migrant labourers are unable to even feed themselves.

While the Phase-1 of the lockdown was managable for a part of these workers, with savings and such, the Phase-2 has pushed everyone to the brink of starvation. It is high time for the civil society to come to their aid.

In this regard, FSMK is organising a fund collection drive which will help in providing relief materials to the families of ailing workers. We call upon the Free Software fraternity and friends of the movement to donate funds for assisting these families immediately.

The collected funds will be utilised in assisting families identified by federal organisations already working on ground for more than a month now and are involved in the task of providing relief. An estimated ~₹75,000 would be required to provide relief materials required for a month to 100 families. Hence, we request everyone to contribute generously. Account details for transferring the funds are provided below. In case of any queries, please contact the person below.

Account Details
Name: Free Software Movement Karnataka
SB Account No: 1172101012320
IFSC code : CNRB0000410
Bank: Canara Bank, Narasimha raja road branch, Bangalore - 560002

Naveen Mudunuru 9573433977 naveen@fsmk.org
Shijil 8892324346 shijil@fsmk.org
Raghuram 9591042333 raghuram@fsmk.org

Free Software Movement Karnataka

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We will be purchasing kits are being prepared by Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC)

Each kit contains the following items

Rice 5 kg
Atta 2 kg
Oil 1litr
Toor Daal 1 kg
Kadala - 500grm
Halasande - 500grm
Salt 1 kg
Sambar powder - 100grm
Chilli powder - 100grm
Mustard - 100grm
Geera - 100grm
Onion 2kg
Potato 2kg