FSMK Camp 2024

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Data Science

This track is tailored for those new to data science, offering a foundation in data cleaning, fundamental analysis techniques, and simple visualization methods. It's an ideal starting point for participants eager to acquaint themselves with the essentials of data science. Join us for a straightforward and informative journey into the world of data.

Low Code AI

Dive into the innovative world of Low-Code AI in this specialized track. Participants will explore the exciting realm where artificial intelligence meets simplicity. No extensive coding experience required! Engage in hands-on activities to understand how to build AI applications efficiently using low-code platforms. Whether you're a beginner or seeking a more accessible approach to AI development, this track is your gateway to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence with ease. 

IoT / Open Hardware

India might have been late by about half a century to lay telephone lines across the nation or two decades late to have adopted computers, but as a rapidly developing nation, India is now in par with all the technologies being used/developed across the globe. Internet Of Things, wireless mesh networks, artificial neural networks are a few to mention, well there are way more! Freedom hardware plays a crucial role in all of these as it makes them not only "Free"(As in Freedom) but also cost effective. "Do it yourself" hardware projects can easily be accessed over the Internet, thanks to Freedom Hardware. We are very excited with the possibilities of what this track offers the students, for them to learn from and create communities around it. We plan to cover exciting and hands-on "Do it yourself" projects, which will be a stepping stone for the students to discover the wonders of Freedom Hardware. 

DevOps / Cloud

DevOps is a combination of software development (dev) and operations (ops). It is defined as a software engineering methodology which aims to integrate the work of development teams and operations teams by facilitating a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility.
This track is tailored for those new to DevOps, providing a straightforward introduction to tools and methods for efficient software development and delivery. Whether you're just starting or have minimal experience, this is the perfect opportunity to kickstart your journey into DevOps.

About FSMK Camps

"FSMK Camps is an initiative by the Free Software Movement Karnataka. Aimed at budding engineers and enthusiasts, we teach participants to use Free Software, instead of proprietary software, to develop their ideas into solutions. FSMK has been actively organizing workshops in various engineering colleges across the state for seven years. However, we realized that a residential camp, for a week or more, which is completely dedicated to Free Software technologies is more useful to students as they are able to interact more with the speakers and get more time to practice and apply what they learn. So, in 2013, FSMK conducted two residential camps for students which saw huge participation. In January 2013, we conducted a five-day residential camp at Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, Rajankunte, which was attended by about 160 students. In July 2013, we conducted a nine-day residential camp at Jnana Vikas Institute of Technology, Bidadi which was attended by about 180 students. In 2014, the camp was conducted at Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering, and it was attended by 200 students. In 2015 we conducted another camp in REVA Institute of Technology & Management which was attended by 180 people. In 2016 we conducted one more camp in Siddaganga Institute of Technology which was attended by 150 people. Our camps are organized by volunteers from the students, community members, and industry professionals. FSMK Camp ‘18 is open to all districts within the state. We have amazing activities planned with multiple tracks to reach out to people with different interests."  (from camp 18)

FSMK Free software, Free society.

FSMK is a registered not-for-profit organization whose primary objective is to spread and create awareness about free software technologies amongst different sections of the society. FSMK is driven by volunteers from various backgrounds like software professionals, government officials, academicians and students. The Students Chapter of FSMK works actively with college students and encourages them not only to use free software but also contribute to the development of various free software. We facilitate formation of college-wise units called GNU/Linux User's Group (GLUG) which conduct various technical sessions regularly throughout the academic session. More information here.

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